Welcome to Hallon!

Hallon is a community-driven fashion platform for those who want to help others and make the world more fashionable!

You can ask questions, share your opinion, vote and explore fashion. Your contribution pushes your reputation to the top.

Ask Questions

Ask any fashion question you have and make sure it stands out with a good relevant picture, description and tags.

Vote up questions you think are clear, useful and that you'd also like to know the answer to. "Lazy" questions risk being voted down!

Make sure your post is an actual question! This may sound obvious, but posts that are just an attempt to showcase your look/work/blog, etc without even asking a question will be removed.

Tip: to prevent asking questions that have already been asked, use the search first in case someone was wondering the same thing as you!

Write your answer or opinion

When you find a question you feel you have an answer to, go ahead and share your opinion!

Vote up other people's opinions if you agree with them, or vote down if you completely disagree or think the opinion is nowhere near helpful - simple.

The most popular opinions show up on top as they're seen as the most helpful in the community. But the person who asked the question can also accept which opinion they personally found the most useful, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be the most voted-for opinion, it just means that it worked for that person.


For general chit chat or to start a discussion, use the comment section. You can ask for clarification of the question or discuss an opinion further here. Don't forget to use this space to thank people who helped you!

Earn reputation

Hallon is all about karma, so if you're mega helpful and people keep voting up your opinions, your profile's reputation score will start to increase within the Hallon community, pushing your profile to the top of the list.

The higher your reputation score gets, the more you will be able to do on the Hallon platform. For example, you can only start to vote down other questions and opinions when you're reputation score reaches 100.

Here's a breakdown of how to earn (or lose!) points:


An upvote to your question


An upvote to your opinion


Your opinion is selected as the best


A downvote to your post


You voting down a post

Why do I lose one reputation point when I vote down?

Hallon is no place for trolls. Our community is a helpful one and doesn't encourage a negative attitude towards other members. Down-voting can be done if you think someone isn't being particularly helpful, but it's meant to be the exception rather than the norm, and paying with one of your points only means that you think twice before doing it.