• Iolanda
    + 4

    I think is better something colorful.. like yellow or red coral!

    • Elin -
      Thanks Iolanda, I didn't think of coral red - that would actually go nicely with my lipstick as well!
  • Fall4Me_JK
    + 3

    Silver jewelry definitely! Gold is in my opinion a little bit last season but in the end it is all about your liking and personal style. If you thinks that's enough black-white add nude accessories (bag/shoes) and a gaudy red lipstick.

  • Dana
    + 2

    All go nice with black and white but I recommend red or bright blue for shoes. For accessories, I would wear silver ;)

    • Elin -
      I think blue sounds good - peacock or powder blue?
    • Dana -
      Peacock blue ;)
  • Huntingtun
    + 1

    You should try hell sandal or black boot too. You can also wear a necklace or bracelet.

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