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What do you think about this yellow outfit?

Yellow is the color of the summer.. we will see so much yellow clothes.. do you like it?


  • Elin
    + 4

    I love it! I'm a big fan of yellow and have just bought this new top for summer :)

  • SashaH
    + 3

    Beautiful...the yellow of the shoes and bangle is really subtle and looks great with the brighter top.

  • Nicole Chretien
    + 3

    Mustard yellows are in for the winter too!! I love yellow as a summer colour and it works great with tanned skin. This yellow jacket is the coolest cover up for spring...Miranda looks FAB!!

  • FabulousRie
    + 2

    I love yellow, especially when I have a good tan in the summer!

  • Shekinah
    + 2

    Nice outfit. :) Yellow is not my favorite but I'd love to wear it especially during summer.

  • Willow
    + 1

    Yellow isn't my favourite colour but I think you make it work really well with the rest of your outfit. I adore the shorts! Where are they from?

    • Iolanda -
      the shorts are from Forever21!
  • Fall4Me_JK
    + 1

    I like the outfit - apart from the black bra underneath - I can imagine the intention but I would pick a nude colored one.

    • Elin -
      I disagree, I think the black bra looks good underneath, it creates a cool contrast and still looks stylish.
    • Fall4Me_JK -
      I think basically it is a matter of taste

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