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Can you recommend any good websites for vintage clothes online?

I love vintage fashion, especially cute dresses and skirts like the one in the picture. I tend to go out and physically buy my vintage outfits in second hand stores and markets, but can anyone recommend any good websites?


  • eloisesdiary
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    I've noticed a few vintage-y items on lately. If you search for 'vintage' on their site, you can find some really cute stuff! There's a lot of florally/pinstripe/eccentric designs on their pieces and lots of peplum tops too - all at really great prices! x

    • SashaH -
      Thanks, that's some great advice! Iv'e just had a look and they have some really pretty dresses!
  • Alice Cerea
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    I love them too! Try on rosegal !

    • SashaH -
      Ooh Rosegal looks great! Think I might get addicted...
    • Monica Carlsson -
      I bought my friend a dress from Rosegal before, they're great!
  • Iolanda
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    I really love this outfit! Why don't you look for something similar on Forever21,asos or topshop webstore?

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