• eloisesdiary
    + 6

    Hmm... that's a hard one! I think might go back even further and say something like the 20's. Mainly because I absolutely fell in love with all of the party dresses and head pieces that the women wear in The Great Gatsby - and don't even get me started on the 'flapper' dresses! x

    • SashaH -
      I take every opportunity to dress like a flapper :)
  • Alice Cerea
    + 4

    I would be in nineties: colours everywhere!

    • SashaH -
      The nineties really seems to be having a fashion revival right now, you're lucky! ;)
  • Iolanda
    + 3


    • Dimsky -
      Me too. Men looked dapper!
  • BellaPummarola
    + 3

    The 50's! I love the super feminine looks with the cinched waists and flared skirts.

  • Willow
    + 2

    The 60s - love the flower power look!

  • Lenora
    + 2

    I'd love to live in the 80s - oversized tops and leg warmers everywhere!

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