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Do you think black and blue work together?

I know it’s always said that black and blue don’t go together, but I think they can work quite well. What do you think?


  • BellaPummarola
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    I never understood this rule, I think as long as there is a clear distinction between the two colors, it's a great combination.

  • MJ
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    I would apply the "rule" only to black and midnight blue. Any other shade of blue looks divine with black, in fashion AND in make up!! :) xx

  • Iolanda
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    I think it depends on bluer.. in this case blue and black match perfectly!

  • FabulousRie
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    I think it's fine! Just like when I wear a black shirt with brown booties in the fall. As long as you have the right shades together, they will match!

  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    Black and blue DO go well together. In fact, any color combination can work as long as you choose the right pieces and it looks good on you. This precisely what I try to teach on my blog: THERE ARE NO RULES.

  • Lenora

    I'd rather not combine black and blue unless it's blue jeans.

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