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Shall I wear this dress to a blind date?

I've got a blind date coming up and I'm not sure what to wear. I was thinking of this dress from boohoo.com but have my doubts now, I'm open to any other suggestions! Help!!

  • StylishMama -
    I actually like the dress you have!
  • SashaH -
    It is gorgeous, but maybe more of a third date dress ;)


  • BellaPummarola
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    I would go a little more casual for a blind date - instead of a figure hugging dress I would wear a full skirt with a simple but pretty top. Look for something feminine, but definitely not provocative. Save it for when you get to know each other better ;)

  • Elin
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    The dress is very pretty but for a first date, especially a blind date, maybe go with something a little more casual, like a flowy top, skinny jeans, high heels and a pendant necklace.

  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    I love the dress, however it's not perfect for a blind date. Since you don't really know what kind of guy he is yet, I think it's best to keep it casual but pretty. Maybe a simpler dress with a cardigan on top?

  • Iolanda
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    I really love this dress, but If I were you I never wear this kind of dress for a blind date.. Ii think it's better something casual but not sexy.. so You should wear mayby skinny jeans and hihg heels and play with accessories!

  • Nicole Chretien
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    You can wear something less dressy and still look glam! Try a silky evening top with a mid length skirt. If not, definitely wear something that less party and more classic and casual for a first date.

  • Alice Cerea

    It's perfect but pay attention at the colour of your skin!

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