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Who is your all-time style icon (past or present)? And what do you love most about their style?

Mine is Nicole Richie - she never ceases to surprise and whatever trend she takes on she always looks amazing!


  • Willow
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    Raquel Welch - the epitome of glamour. And she's still got it!

  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    My all-time favorite style icon is OLIVIA PALERMO, without a doubt! I absolutely adore her and get inspired by her all the time. For casual looks, however, I turn to Ashley Tisdale and Nicole Richie.

  • Lenora
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    I love Sarah Jessica Parker - she doesn't need Carrie Bradshaw, she's a trendsetter in her own right! I like the extravagant dresses she wears, like the one in the picture.

  • Monica Carlsson
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    I love both Twiggy and Mia Farrow - the 60s pixie look is beautiful!

  • Iolanda
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    Well I really love essica Alba style

  • SashaH
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    Who else if not Audrey Hepburn! Timeless style and one of the classiest ladies of our time.

  • FabulousRie
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    I don't think I could chose just one! I really love kourtney kardashian, Olivia palmero, and jessica alba would be my top 3

  • The Male Stylist
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    Currently it's Justin Timberlake, since he reinvented himself with Suit & Tie i've found it hard not to love everything he wears. Before that David Gandy, classic Italian styles on an englishman. Unbeatable!

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