• Elin
    + 7

    I like it but it definitely needs to be combined with something a bit glam, otherwise it will look like you're not making an effort. I think this is a great look!

  • Kyle Rodriguez
    + 7

    Olivia is my style icon! She always looks flawless. I would probably pair it with leather leggings and a pair of really nice heels to create an edgy but sophisticated look.

    • FabulousRie -
      I don't know why I never thought of leather leggings to pair with this. I love that idea!
  • Iolanda
    + 3

    Olivia is always perfect! Eve she wears a casual oufit... but to look a little more chic I would chose heels, not a ballrinas!

  • BellaPummarola
    + 3

    I think skinny jeans and heels are more or less the only option to make it look feminine, even though I admit she looks great with flats, but you have to be really skinny to pull of the combination of flats and skinny jeans.

    • FabulousRie -
      I found a picture last night with it over a white dress and wedges, it was so adorable!!
  • Alice Cerea
    + 3

    It's perfect for the mid seasons! I use to wear it with shorts and destroied shirts. For a perfect street style

  • Nicole Chretien
    + 3

    Olivia looks perfect. However I'd add some studs to the jacket to make mine unique and personal. I would definitely wear it with some skinny jeans and boots in the winter and a pair of ripped denim shorts and flip flops In the summer. It's perfect for all year round!! Love it.

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