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Where can I buy oversized shirts like this?

I'm a huge fan of oversized/drapey shirts with skinny jeans and some type of heel/wedge. Where is the best places y'all have seen shirts similar to this? I am having a hard time finding them!


  • MJ
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    Check out the Divided section at H&M :) xx

  • Alice Cerea
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    Try on oasap.com they're lowcost and amazing!

  • jiubilo
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    i have found shirts like these at zara.

  • Iolanda
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    Really lovely outfit! Look for something like this at topshop.. or asos...

    • FabulousRie -
      Let me know if you find anything!
  • Nicole Chretien
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    Brandy Melville do the essential light weight oversized shirts. Topshop also have great tops which are loose fitting and easy to wear. I love to get my oversized shirts/tops from cute vintage stores around London (for more of a unique look) you should look around!

  • Dapper Dave Cash
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    I think my girlfriend something similar to this is in Vila. hope this helps

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