• FabulousRie
    + 9

    I would do nude/white or if you are feeling adventurous I would wear cobalt blue, bright yellow, or navy. I would choose a more flowly blouse or a sleeveless button down.

    • Dana -
      Cobalt blue looking great! And nude will always be the perfect choice for the shoes as well ! Thanks :)
    • Mouhannad Al-Sayegh -
      Dana, I've moved what you've written up here as it's a comment rather than a opinion. I hope that's ok!
  • MJ
    + 5

    Any colour that doesn't have red in it, like blue, yellow or green!! Surely white if you want to play it safe :) xx

  • Iolanda
    + 3

    On the top you could wear something white or light yellow

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