• Hollie Does Fashion
    + 3

    Perfection! Mummy-Daughter outfits are what having little girls are all about! Turning then into your little mini me :)

  • BellaPummarola
    + 6

    Ohh I love it, so adorable! I like it because it's not completely matching (which would be a little strange), so both of you can wear what suits you best - your daughter is cute and girly in pink and you are smart and elegant in b&w. I think it's a very harmonious combination.

    • Dana -
      Thanks @BellaPummarola :)
    • StylishMama -
      I agree with @BellaPummarola, and I like the way you've matched your shoes as well!
  • FabulousRie
    + 4

    I absolutely love when I see mommy and baby playing off each other's colors and patterns. I think if shows you still Care about looking nice even though you have a child and you care about your child by dressing them similar. It shows respect for both of you and is just cute!

  • Iolanda
    + 1

    So cute and so adorable! Perfect match!

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