Estelle DiAngelo
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What can I wear to make my breasts appear smaller?

I'm an F cup and don't want too much attention to be drawn to my chest, but at the same time don't want to dress like a granny. Help!


  • BellaPummarola
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    In order to make your breasts appear smaller you need to visually "cut them in half", for example with a V-shaped cleavage. It might seem paradoxical, but it works. On the other hand, if you wear a turtleneck, your breasts will appear enormous,because nothing breaks up the shape.

  • FabulousRie
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    I'm also bigger chested, usually flowly maxis make them appear smaller, and wearing a loose tee under a button up with it unbuttoned (so it's like a cardigan) also makes them appear smaller.

  • Willow
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    You can also buy minimising bras, most specialist shops sell them, if you're based in the UK, try M&S.

  • MJ
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    Go for V-shaped necklines, their elongated cut will contrast a rounder breast shape :) xx

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