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Are white jeans still fashionable? What would you wear with them to look stylish?

I love them for cooler summer days but not sure if they're still in fashion.


  • BellaPummarola
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    I love white jeans for summer! I wear them with chiffon blouses, crochet sweaters, boyfriend shirts etc. I would avoid wearing them with black shoes though, try bold colors like electric blue, green or pink.

    • MandyRose -
      Cool, I feel reassured! I've been wanting to get a pair of electric blue pumps actually, I might invest! ;)
  • Hollie Does Fashion
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    Definetly! I think Summer is the perfect time to rock an all white outfit. Team your white skinnys with a crisp white shirt, or a laid back white slouchy T. Then throw on some classic accessories. BINGO!

  • Alice Cerea
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    They're still in fashion matched with a large blouse with palms !

  • UrbanBetsy
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    They are definitely still IN! If you want to go comfortable and still fashionable, I would recommend something flowy and feminine for a top (the ALL WHITE look is super chic) - a peasant top, a loose silk top, or a simple cotton tee and you're good to go :) , oh and brown sandals

  • FabulousRie
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    They will never be out of style!! You can style anything and everything with them

  • Elin
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    I think as long as you wear them during the summer months and don't wear white on top as well you're fine.

  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    White jeans are a classic and will always be in style. It's not "trendy" in the sense that it was only popular for a short while. White jeans are closet staple now! Try wearing one with red heels or yellow pumps :)

  • rakellemaurici
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    Definitely - I wear mine all year round. If you match them with the right things they look super classy.

  • MJ
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    White jeans have never been not fashionable!! :-D They are chic by default, even when you dress them down!! I'm having this vision of white skinny jeans with a loose black chiffon shirt and high-heels patent pumps, you would look amazing!! :) xx

  • Nicole Chretien
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    Love white jeans. Look great in the summer with a flowing pastel top. You could pull off a monochrome look in the winter (I'd wear it with a black top and leather jacket slung over the top) add some ankle boots and you'll look fab!

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