• BellaPummarola
    + 8

    I think this rolled up style looks great and I'm glad you chose loose fitting pants for this outfit. It looks effortlessly chic and masculine at the same time.

  • Willow
    + 4

    I love the look (had a peek at the pics in your blog post as well) and I think the espadrilles really make the outfit!

  • Lenora
    + 2

    I think the cream chinos look great (a lot better than white would), and think the navy top would go well with beige chinos too. A great summer look :)

  • FabulousRie
    + 2

    Love this!! I think the roll needs to be a bit more slim, and it would be perfect!

  • Kyle Rodriguez
    + 2

    Love this look! Especially if the man wore a pair of stylish oxfords to go with it! x

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