• SashaH
    + 4

    I really like the clear ones, they're a lot more summery. I'm not a fan of the black ones.

  • FabulousRie
    + 3

    I'm not very big into this trend. But I wooule chose clear.

  • Kyle Rodriguez
    + 3

    If you really want to buy jelly shoes, then I think you should choose the clear ones. The black ones don't really look like "jelly" shoes from afar, which I think would defeat the whole purpose.

  • Willow
    + 2

    I prefer the black ones but think they should be worn without socks!

  • who-wore-what-when
    + 2

    Clear ones anyday !! you could pair them with crazy colored printed socks, that could be an interesting look !

  • Alice Cerea
    + 1

    Absolutely black! You can use them also on winter with amazing socks!

  • Leanne Winters
    + 1

    I think black and if you love them, then go for the clear ones! x

  • Nicole Chretien
    + 1

    I have a cute pair of black jelly shoes that I use a lot. I love both colours...but try to think of which colour goes best with your wardrobe! I think the back ones go with everything!

  • Iolanda

    Well i really don't like jelly shoes, but if you want to buy them.. i think better it's the perfect color!

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