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What should I wear at my sister's bridal party brunch?

I'm going to brunch with my sister and her birds party tomorrow. I am the maid of honor and I feel extra pressure to look nice and put together. What should I wear?!

  • Estelle DiAngelo -
    What did you go for in the end? :)
  • FabulousRie -
    Estelle, I wore skinny jeans, a slightly oversized tank, blazer, statement necklace and wedges :)


  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    Since it's only bruch, opt for skinny jeans, a top, and maybe an oversized blazer on top? Add a pair of nice heels just to glamorize the outfit even further.

  • StylishMama
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    How about a floral tea dress, cream blazer and pumps?

  • SashaH
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    I wouldn't get too dressed up, but rather save that for the wedding. How about a white tank top, a flared midi skirt (in a bright colour), heels and a chunky necklace?

  • Nicole Chretien
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    Love the bag. Feel like it would go better with some darker shades. Try a black leather jacket, dark skinny jeans and a lighter coloured top. I'd also add some gold bangles while your at it. Enjoy!!

  • Alice Cerea
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    You can use an amazing long dress, the must for this season!

  • Iolanda
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    I really love the outfit on the pics! So I think jenas,top and high heels you will look perfect!

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