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Do you think I should get swimwear like that worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale?

Bit of an awkward one, i'm off on holiday soon and keen to get some swimwear that isn't the usual baggy trunks, no speedos. I originally wanted to go for the Daniel Craig look from Casino Royale (pictured) but realise this leaves not a great deal to the imagination. Thoughts?

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    Also, i have an athletic body type (as shown on my site) just to clarify.


  • BellaPummarola
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    I know that these are not really popular in the US, but in Europe where I live this is what most people wear. I say go for it :) Or, another solution is a pair of shorter trunks like these

  • Elin
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    I'm personally not a big fan of this type of swimwear, regardless of body type. Maybe go for trunks, but not necessarily very baggy ones - a happy medium?

  • StylishMama
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    I like them but I'd get a darker colour than Daniel Craig did - maybe navy?

  • Alice Cerea
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    My boyfriend usually wear a stretch boxer and I really love it.

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