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What do you think about the shoe design? Where would you wear it and what would you style it up with?

Along with being a Fashion blogger, i'm also a shoe designer, this was a prototype bootie for my earlier FW collection. Would love to hear your opinions. thanks. cheers


  • BellaPummarola
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    Beautiful design! The heel is way too high for me (I'm 5'10) but if I wore it, I'd pair it with a flared mini skirt or a simple pastel shift dress under an elegant trench coat for fall.

  • StylishMama
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    This is absolutely amazing - I love it! You could wear it with skinny jeans and a lot of other things.

  • Estelle DiAngelo
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    I'd wear it with a little black dress, something understated to let the shoes speak for themselves. Beautiful!

  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    I love the design and the colors! I'd wear it with high-waisted mini shorts with a simple tank top tucked in, and then an oversized blazer on top to create that "effortlessly chic" street vibe!

  • FabulousRie
    + 2

    It looks like the heel would easily break and I think you have too many materials for one shoe.

  • Alice Cerea
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    I totally love them! And I'd like to talk about them on my blog, what about it?

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