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Would you wear this outfit, and where? What would you add or remove in terms of the styling?

Another shoot we did recently for the blog! would love to know your opinions about the look. thanks !


  • Elin
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    Its beautiful! I normally prefer outfits with a splash of colour but I like this contrast between the black and cream. I might wear it with some statement earrings to top it off.

    • who-wore-what-when -
      we wanted very little color. but there are hints of pink in her scarf and her bra is shock pink, since the top is semi transparent.
  • Willow
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    I love the clothes, they're definitely something I would wear, but the shoes aren't really my style, I would prefer a slightly lower heel and maybe a peep toe.

  • Alice Cerea
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    I really love it.love black leather and white skirt.

  • BellaPummarola
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    I really like this one. The contrast of black and nude always makes for a very elegant and sophisticated look.

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