• michaela punnett
    + 6

    I am obsessed with cleated shoes! I think they instantly update any outfit. I usually wear mine with black skinny jeans, a statement tee and a leather jacket

    • Elin -
      That would look great! :)
  • Estelle DiAngelo
    + 5

    I love them, especially white ones like those in the picture! I think they work best with bare legs so I'd wear them with denim shorts or maybe even a short summer dress/tunic.

  • Willow
    + 4

    I'm not a fan I have to say. But I might be convinced if I can see anyone pairing them with a great outfit!

  • Alice Cerea
    + 2

    I love them and I wear them also with miny dress and leather accessories

  • BellaPummarola
    + 2

    I would never wear these... I have to be honest, I think they don't look good on anyone over the age of 15. Under the age of 15 either, but you're allowed to make mistakes when you're in your early teens...

  • Leslie V Shipley
    + 2

    I love contrasted color shirt and black or while pant with cleated shoes.

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