The Male Stylist
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Can I wear this coat as a blazer with shirt and tie underneath?

Just got this coat and thinking of using it in an outfit based around the one being used here. However, i'd use the coat as the blazer almost and just have a shirt and tie underneath. Thoughts?


  • Dapper Dave Cash
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    It does look like a blazer anyway, is it for a particular occassion?

    • Dapper Dave Cash -
      You could possibly add a waistcoat in a contrasting colour or a different shade similar to the coat
    • The Male Stylist -
      Took your advice on board but used knitwear instead of a waistcoat (photo below)
  • Elin
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    I think it works well like that or you could also vary it slightly and make a more smart/casual look out of it by replacing the trousers with jeans and the tie with a scarf.

  • StylishMama
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    I think that would work well. The coat looks so light it resembles a blazer anyway.

  • The Male Stylist
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    This is one look that i've tried so far. Used a grey cardigan to add some contrast too. What do you think?

    • Willow -
      Great look - love it!
  • Alice Cerea
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    It's amazing! Try also with a black papillon

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