Dapper Dave Cash
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Is this patterned shirt too much or a bit of a statement piece?

Hi Guys, I saw this shirt online on Topman I was wondering what peoples opinion of it is? I was thinking about pairing it with a blazer, dark wash jeans and some brogues or double monk straps.


  • sheepishlycharlotte
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    I love it!!! What you planned to wear with it will really tone it down and make it look smart but a bit quirky. I'd maybe swap the dark wash jeans with some black skinnys rolled at the ankle to show off the brogues though

  • Elin
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    I think it can be a good statement piece, but make sure you use muted colours for the rest of the outfit and let the shirt speak for itself.

  • SashaH
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    I love it - very different! I think it would look great with a leather jacket, jeans and a baseball cap.

  • Estelle DiAngelo

    I have to say I'm not a fan. Maybe if it was a short sleeved shirt, but I think this is a little bit too much.

    • Dapper Dave Cash -
      That was my original thought but at £10 i don't see it being a major risk in buying it
    • StylishMama -
      I agree, at that price it's worth taking a risk!

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