• Leanne Winters
    + 6

    I love these jumpers too, theyre like a batwing jumper / sweater with short sleeves. I would style these with skinny black jeans and high / calf boots for a snuggly winter look x

  • sheepishlycharlotte
    + 4

    How about H and M? I'd either wear with leggings and over the knee flat boots or a bodycon knitted skirt with some printed knitted tights. All about the knitwear basically!

  • StylishMama
    + 3

    I love them too! Not too sure what they're called but saw one in Zara the other day. I would style it with a bright long sleeved top underneath and with a pair of big earrings.

  • FabulousRie
    + 2

    Not sure where to get them in London,love. But I would style with a print long sleeve shirt underneath, skinny jeans and heels or booties with a heel.

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