Estelle DiAngelo
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Is this dress too over the top for a work event?

I'm considering getting this dress for a big awards dinner/party with work in January. Do you like it or is it too over the top?

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Alice Cerea
Kyle Rodriguez


  • Kyle Rodriguez
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    I think it's perfect considering that the dinner is an important event. It is not too "over the top" at all as long as you wear it with confidence! If you feel that it's a little too much, though, minimize the accessories and you're good to go :)

  • sheepishlycharlotte
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    Definitely not over the top, you can get away with sparkle on important events! It's a really flattering shape! I'd wear with a big black clutch and nude stilettos

  • SashaH
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    It looks very glamorous but make sure you try it on a while before. I love sequins but have found that this type of dress gets a bit hot and itchy after a while.

  • MandyRose
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    I'd get a sense of the type of party and what other people might be wearing before deciding. It's gorgeous, but when it comes to work it's better to be safe than sorry (I've learnt the hard way!) X

  • FabulousRie
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    If it is a work party I could either pop a blazer on top to tone it town or opt for a sparkly skirt/top and wear something more neutral on the top/bottom. You will forever be dubbed the "party girl" if your the only one dressed in head to toe sequins

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