Dapper Dave Cash
+ 9

What can I wear casually with this bomber jacket?

I saw this jacket on the zara website and I was looking at this bomber jacket which is right on trend for autumn/winter but I was looking for a few suggestions for wearing it casually any help is appreciated :-)


  • Elin
    + 7

    I've seen a lot of people wear it with a longer top underneath - I like this look, complete with a baseball cap.

    • Dapper Dave Cash -
      I like the longer length tee idea!!
  • Willow
    + 6

    Maybe try it with black jeans, converse and a statement tee?

    • Dapper Dave Cash -
      I like that idea converse I think should be a similar colour to the body of the jacket
  • Alice Cerea
    + 6

    You can match it with a white shirt and black or brown pants.

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